Fabián Peralta & Josefina Bermúdez

Fabian was 23 years old when he began his training with Master Mingo Pugliese. Thereafter he served as performance dancer with several Buenos Aires ‘’casas del tango’’. He has been artistic director for the Corporación Tango show and he has performed in Tango X2, Solo Tango and Copes Tango Copes, among other achievements. He is a teacher at the Carlos Copello tango school and is invited to festivals around the world. He won the International Tango Championships (Tango Salon category) in 2006, which he considers to be his greatest achievement to date.

Josefina grew up with dance. She learned modern ballet at the Oscar Araiz school and she has danced with the company directed by him. She discovered tango at age eleven. Since then her career has been divided between these two types of dances. She has been working for the last two years at the Carlos Copello school where she teaches.

Fabian and Josefina have been teaching in different tours around the world and are back to Belfast for their second Festival after a fantastic performance in our Titango 2012. 

Private lessons are available by individual arrangement between the student and teacher, with rooms available to hire in the Festival venue. 

Rooms that have been booked for the Festival when not in use may be used for private lessons on a first come first served basis. Once these slots have been filled it will be up to the individual/teacher to book and pay for additional room hire.

If you wish to organise a lesson in advance of the Festival, please contact us and we will put you in touch with the relevant teacher. 

Pablo Velez & Daniela Kizyma

Pablo and Daniela are 

rising stars of a younger 

generation of tango dancers and

 performers.  They started 

dancing as teenagers, studying

with Walter Gomez, and have 

performed in many shows such

 as La Ventana, Gala Tango and

 many more.  They are sought 

after performers on four 

continents, and those who have 

seen them dance can tell you 

why!  Pablo and Daniela are also

excellent teachers, combining 

skill and a focus on detail with a

relaxed and fun approach that 

never fails to appeal.  Having 

done classes and workshops for 

BATS in the past, this will be their

third Titango - and we are

delighted they will be joining us 

once more!

Monina Paz & Diego Martínez Córdova

Monina Paz is a well known 

argentine tango teacher in 

Ireland, where she has been

 teaching since 2002. Born in 

Argentina, her career began at a

young age,  under the mentorship 

of Carlos and Maria Rivarola,  

Ricardo Barrios, Mingo & Esther 

Pugliese, Carlos and Rosa Perez, 

Eduardo Pareja "Parejita" & 

Graciela Gonzales. 

Monina has worked 

internationally as a teacher and

performer in the UK, Ireland,

 Germany, Italy, Spain, India, 

Thailand, Paraguay, Mexico and 

her Native Argentina.  She has 

created 22 tango shows 

throughout Ireland in 

collaboration with various 

Argentinean orchestras.

Monina's partner this year is the

lovely argentinian dancer and 

teacher Diego Martinez Cordova. 

Diego Martinez Córdova 

Tango dancer, teacher and 

choreographer, with a degree in 

Folklore UNA (National University 

of the Arts). He was trained with

masters such as Rodolfo Dinzel,

Leonardo Cuello, Horacio Godoy,

Corina Herrera, Julio Balmaceda, 

among others. 

Diego has performed in many well 

known Milongas in Buenos Aires 

and since 2009 has been  

Teaching Tango at Buenos Aires 

in La Viruta.